Blog post
Does AI-generated code need to be tested?
13 September 2023
2. 9. 2023
Admonter Reichenstein
Ennstaler Alpen, Österreich
21. 8. 2023
Osterhorngruppe und Fuschler Voralpen, Österreich
19. 8. 2023
Tennengebirge, Österreich
17. 8. 2023
Dachsteingebirge, Österreich
13. 8. 2023
Salzkammergut, Österreich
29. 5. 2023
Coast path from Polperro to Par
Bodmin Moor, England
28. 5. 2023
Mount Edgcumbe and Rame Head
Bodmoor, England
27. 5. 2023
Tavistock railway and canal
Dartmoor, England
21. 5. 2023
Coombe Hill and Invinghoe Beacon
Chilterns, England
18. 3. 2023 - 19. 3. 2023
Oxford Green Belt Way
Buckinghamshire Hills, England
Software Verification Competition, SV-COMP'23
JBMC, Java bounded model checker, won the Java track
4 February 2023
Software Verification Competition, SV-COMP'23
2LS, a C verification tool, finished 8th in C track
4 February 2023
Blog post
How to Test a Secured Spring Web MVC Endpoint with MockMvc
2 December 2022
Diffblue Expands AI Code Writing Platform – Raises $8 Million
Press Release, 21 November 2022
4. 10. 2022
Gr. Maiereck
Ennstaler Alpen, Österreich
1. 10. 2022
Gr. Kesselgraben
Wiener Hausberge Ost, Österreich
28. 9. 2022
Český Ráj
Český Ráj, Tschechien
23. 9. 2022
Kl. und Gr. Größtenberg
Sengsengebirge und Reichraminger Voralpen, Österreich
22. 9. 2022
Schoberstein und Hochbuchberg
Sengsengebirge und Reichraminger Voralpen, Österreich
Mention in IEEE Spectrum
Coding Made AI—Now, How Will AI Unmake Coding?
Article by Craig S. Smith, 19 September 2022

International Oxford Horn Trio
Works by A. Piazzolla, J. Brahms, F. W. Voigt, and P. Schrammel
16 September 2022
Podcast Eye on AI Episode #106
Automatically writing code and its impact on developers
Podcast by Craig S. Smith, 8 September 2022
Blog post
Guide to Overriding Spring Boot Properties for Testing
5 September 2022
Paper accepted at ASE'22
Automated Software Engineering
CBMC-SSM: Bounded Model Checking of C Programs with Symbolic Shadow Memory
Mention in Tech Monitor
AI coding assistants like Amazon CodeWhisperer and Github Copilot are here to stay
Article by Matthew Gooding, 24 June 2022
Mention in Tech Monitor
Developers not going to be replaced by AI yet
Article by Matthew Gooding, 11 February 2022
Mention in STX Next
Will Artificial Intelligence Replace Software Developers?
Blog post by L. Kurasińska and M. Fraķ
Mention in Medium
How AI Is Helping Programmers
Article by Zainab Aftab Chaudhry, 8 July 2021
Article on Hackernoon
How to Start Using Diffblue Cover: Community Edition For Unit Testing
Edited by Craig S. Smith, 8 January 2021
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