Western Taurus

Alara Kalesi

16. 10. 2018

Peter Schrammel




***: steep path through the crumbling remains of a fortress on top of a rock


Alara Cennet Piknik, 35m - Alara Kalesi path, 150m - Alara Cennet Piknik

Elevation gain





1h (1/2 + 1/2)




0+: high steps over fallen blocks and through a steep tunnel


3-4: beware of sudden drops

Visitor frequency

b: a few other adventurers


Torch required for the tunnels


After sightseeing in Sete I made detour to this fantastically looking fort, built onto the vertical cliffs of a limestone cone above river Ulugüney. I parked the car at the end of the road, put on my hiking boots and followed the path towards foot of the rock. There were signs saying that it is forbidden to enter the inner walls of the fort. So, I assumed that this means the part on the very top of the cone. I continued to the point where the river exits from a narrow canyon between the castle rock and the mountain opposite. There the path starts winding upwards until it suddenly ends. The continuation looks quite exciting: there is a tunnel that passes underneath the fortifications via a steep underground stairway. There are purpose-built holes to light the stairway. Still, I turned on the torch of my phone to have a better view of the slightly uneven steps. From the top of the tunnel, the path climbs up through several fortification towers that are arranged in terraces. The view slowly extended to the valley below and towards the sea, but it was very hazy. I was sweating enormously. After I had almost stepped on a sand viper 5 months earlier, I was a bit afraid of snakes hiding on the rocks close to the path. Being bitten here would certainly be a bad idea. Also, it was quite later already. So, I decided to return. In the tunnel, I suddenly heard voices. I used the torch and saw that two men, obviously other tourists, also attempted an ascent. After having quenched my thirst at the tavern I drove back to Alanya.

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